Hello Fellow Book Lovers!

This is my first ever blog post on here. I use to have a tumblr but I didn’t like using it to blog as I would have liked so, I’ve started this blog instead!

I’m just going to use this place to talk about books and what I did and did not love about them. I’ll also post a little about book related things i.e. pet peeves, book to movie adaptations and the like.

I thought I should tell you a little bit about myself first so, here goes.
Name: Rhiannon
Age: 20
Country: Australia
Favourite book: I have many, the Harry Potter series, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas to name a few… like, 14, to be exact!
Favourite movie:The Little Mermaid
Favourite band: Angus and Julia Stone
Favourite song: Way too many to write done but right now anything from Love Never Dies by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Favourite TV show: Once Upon a Time even though they are killing me
Hobbies: Reading (duh), musical theatre (Team Phantom!!) and singing.

As I’m currently at uni, I won’t be able to post very often, but in the coming weeks I am hoping to have some book reviews up: both spoiler free and spoiler filled and I’ll make sure you know exactly which posts have spoilers so you don’t see anything you don’t want to!

I don’t read very fast so do not expect to many posts from me but please feel free to follow me on my social media and goodreads and send me DM’s over there if you want!


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