Book Related Things


Hello all! 
The other night I took part in my first ever read-a-thon on Twitter hosted by Dewey’s Read-a-thon. I took part in some reading sprints that A Little Book Owl was doing over on her twitter (she’s on YouTube, also an Aussie and I would 10/10 recommend her videos) and on my gosh, it was so good. I turned up a little late and only got to participate in the one hour sprint and 10 minutes at the end of the last one but I ended up reading a total of 50+ pages. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but for me, that’s a lot. Slow reader here guys. I think if I’d started earlier, I’d have been more ‘warmed up’ and would have read more but, we’ll have to wait until next time to test that theory! I would HIGHLY recommend taking part in a read-a-thon, especially if you want or need to get a book done a little faster. Even if you don’t think you could go for an hour, that’s fine. It was a lot of fun and it was nice not to be thinking about my phone for an hour.

Super pumped to take part in another one later on! Also, I should hopefully have a review up soon, it will be spoiler free and I will be posting a spoiler review later on so you can get my true feelings.

Enjoy the rest of your day/evening xx


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