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The Great Book Adventure!


Yesterday, the third of May, I woke up with determination running through my veins. The night before, I had stayed up late to finish A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas and so I was ready. Ready for A Court of Mist and Fury.

I got out of bed, had breakfast, got ready and left the house in the pouring rain to go and get my beloved book. I get into town, I go and grab a coffee and I sit outside the book store, waiting for it to open.

When the doors opened, I was the first in and I walked straight to the YA section to see if they had this beautiful, stunning book. But to my dismay, it wasn’t there. So I went to the counter and asked if it had come in yet. She looked it up for me and discovered that it had been shipped out to Tasmania on the 1st… two day ago. I was disappointed but kept a smile on my face. It was not the stores fault and I left knowing it would be here sometime in the week.

I went to get some groceries for my Nan and then trudged back up to the bus stop, wet from rain and disappointment in my heart. I realised there was a bus coming that I could get on so I didn’t have to stand in the rain for thirty minutes and so I ran. Now, I’m not fit and I don’t mean in a “omg I ate 4 pieces of pizza last night*giggle*” way. The last time I ran was when I was 16 in high school… I don’t exercise. I also had a heavy bag, was wearing heels and it was raining so that was fun. But I managed to get on the bus and get home, cold and sad.

My Nan very kindly made me a cup of coffee while I took off my jacket and boots, when I heard my phone ding. Thinking it was my best friend texting me back, I went to my room to grab a warmer jumper before checking it. I came out of my room, grabbed my coffee and checked my phone.

It was the book store.

Telling me my order had arrived.

About three minutes after I walked in the door.

By this time, it was raining so hard I thought it was going to start flooding, and I was unsure if I actually wanted to leave the house but that determination I had woken up with was stronger and I knew, I just knew, I had to go and get that book.

So I put my boots back on, chugged my coffee and headed for the door. I didn’t have an umbrella so the hood on my jumper would have to do. I was soaked by the time the bus got there, as was my backpack (thankfully it’s water proof). I got off the bus and walked to the book store, ready to see it’s beauty….

…And there it was, so beautiful and so big, sitting there waiting for me. Waiting to be loved.

I’ve now read up to page 150 and am enjoying it so, so much. Which is good after how wet I become just trying to get it.

To my knowledge, Dymocks (where I got my book and one of the more popular book stores in Australia) was the only place to have gotten it in on the right day. But once I’ve finished it, there will be a review so stay tuned!


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