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New Bone Season Series Covers

As you’re all probably aware, The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon has had a mid series cover change and last night/early this morning, the new look covers were revealed and I have some thoughts.

Disclaimer! I am in no way bashing these covers. I love them, I think they look great and eye catching and David Mann did an incredible job at making them look so dang good. I just noticed a few things about them that I thought I would point out. Pictures are credited below.


I love them. I really do. But I like the old ones a little more and I think that’s because I feel in love with those ones. They’re nice, simplistic, clean. I’ve had a thing about symbols since I saw the Da Vinci Code when I was 11 (and yes, I have an opinion on that too, watch this space) so I love how you have the broken glass effect on the first one and the flames on the third one (check out Samantha’s blog here where she talks about all that stuff: ).

I do have two small things and the first is the moth on the Mime Order.


I understand that the white moth on the cover of the Mime Order looks clean and doesn’t take away too much attention from the rest of the book and the bit surrounding it, keeping the simplistic look (and it looks amazing) but Paige is the Black Moth so I feel like, maybe, a black moth would have been nice. I like the white, I’m not saying I don’t, like I said, it looks clean but I figured they would have gone with the black one because of the story. But that could be a spoiler so…


I also miss the Scion Anchor! I like the Poppy on the front and it gives me a great visual for the rest of the book, seeing how important the poppies are, I just miss it a little. But I do absolutely love these covers. I think they’re going to look even better in real life and I can’t wait to get them!

What do you guys think of the new cover and the cover changes? Let me know!

Top photo:
Bone Season and Mime Order cover:


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