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More Maas books? Heck yes!

Today Sarah J Maas announced that another two books for Throne of Glass and another SIX books for A Court of Thrones and Roses would be published by Bloomsbury starting next year! Lets just say I am VERY excited!
According to my local booksellers website (linked below), in 2017 we will have, not only the final novel in the Throne of Glass series but a novella for Chaol Westfall, everyone’s favourite Captain of the Guard! Also next year, a companion novel will be released called ‘The World of Throne of Glass’ which has a vocabulary (thank the Wryd), information about the magic and politics, and it’s illustrated! I’m really looking forward to reading about the God’s, lore and magic of this world as Sarah is SUCH an incredible world builder. It will be very helpful for when I re-read the series later on!
Now, A Court of Thorns and Roses has it’s third novel coming out next year, but there will also be a colouring book! And then, starting 2018 there will be three more novels and two novellas! I’m so excited to read more about the Court of Dreams and Rhysand (especially Rhysand). I absolutely fell in love with the City of Starlight and I can’t believe there are going to be more books (hopefully) set here!
I’m so excited for these novels and colouring books! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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