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What is The Bone Season?

Well, if you’ve been here since I started or have known me for the last 3 years, you would know I have a strong, undeniable love for The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. Maybe a little too strong.
As an advocate, I get to promote the series and get early copies of the books. Yes, this does mean I am currently reading The Song Rising. Yes, this does mean I’m slowly dying on the inside. No, I can’t tell you anything because I’m not spoiling anything for anyone. But, I figured I should let you know about this series that I love so much so you can love it too (or fangirl with me if you’ve already read it. Or go read it and come back and fangirl with me).
Firstly, I shall warn you that there will most likely be spoilers in this post. You can’t yell at me if you have been warned! So, proceed with caution, I shall let you know if there is a spoiler at any point.

The Bone Season

First, we have The Bone Season. This is the first book in a seven-book series (yes, seven glorious books) that are being published by Bloomsbury. Samantha Shannon, the author, is a genius. I had never read, nor heard of, any book that had clairvoyance in it and it really interested me. Paige, the main character, is clairvoyant and is a Dreamwalker (see my review here). She is 19 when the series starts and when I started the series, I was also 19. I had never read a book with a character the same age as me so, I feel like that helped me get into her head a little better.
Now, I won’t go into too much detail because I do have a review (a very short review because I had too many feelings and didn’t want to spoil anything) and I don’t want to ruin it for you but let me tell you something, if you haven’t read this series yet, you’re missing out. This series is phenomenal. I can promise you now, you will not regret picking this up.

Here is the cover for book one, both old and new:

BS tumblr_inline_o879nuYr8H1s593ce_500
And personally, I love both. I think they’re both wonderful and two of my friends said they would pick up the new covers because of how bright they are so, hopefully, two new converts!
So, this book follows Paige on the day her life changes for the worst, she gets captured and taken to Oxford, to live in a penal colony run by another worldly race called the Rephiam.
I can’t tell you what happens at the end because that would ruin the whole story for you but it’s exciting and there are bits that break your heart. I sob every time I read this book.

The idea of the story is also very different and unique, I love how Samantha builds her worlds and leaves you with information that might not be important until a lot later in the series (if at all but I’m hoping).

You can buy the first book at these links, and yes, I have given you a lot and no, I’m not sorry.

Book Depository: and

Amazon (you can find the hardback, paperback, and kindle here:

The Mime Order

The Mime Order is the second book which, if possible, is even better than the first one. I don’t think that’s possible but we’ll say it is.


I have placed The Mime Order’s original cover here and I will place the new one at the end of the spoilers so you know when to continue reading!


In this book, Paige is back in London and wanted by Scion. After Hector’s body is found, along with the rest of his gang and his mollisher, Cutmouth, has gone missing, Jaxon goes for the role of Underlord which is VERY interesting. There are some wonderful scenes with Paige and Nick. You can see the many years of friendship between them and I LOVE it.
I also love that we get to see more of the Seven Seals in this book. I love Nick and Eliza, so getting to see them and learn a little more about them is just wonderful.

Something I love about the Mime Order is how Samantha wrote Paige and Warden. I’ll go more into it in my review (hopefully next week) but she acknowledges what Warden did to Nick and says she can’t forget it and won’t. Their relationship is going to be very touchy to some people because of the situation they’re in but I love how Samantha handles it, and how well Paige and Warden’s scenes are written. You can feel the chemistry


I won’t give you a star rating because that’s only for reviews but I will give you a quote because I have a few favourites. I’ll give you one here and one on my review!

“Madness is a matter of perspective, little dreamer.”

Bookdepository: and

Amazon (again, you can get to all of them from here):

The Song Rising

The Song Rising is out March 7th, 2017 but as I am currently half way through the book, I thought I would tell you to prepare yourselves because it. Is. Epic.
I honestly think this might be the best one yet, and if it wasn’t for all the books I have to read over the next few months, I would do nothing but read this book over and over. Trust me, it is well worth the wait.

This book takes place straight after book two, and you can read the prelude here. Now, I really can’t tell you anything at this stage. Firstly, because everything is a spoiler and secondly because the book isn’t out and it wouldn’t be fair to do that to anyone. But when the time comes, you WILL be getting a full spoiler-free/ full of spoilers review with quotes and tears. Yes, I have already cried reading it. No, I am not going to tell you why.

Now, there are two, yes two, covers for this book. There is the collector’s edition

Song Rising

and the new edition:


The collector’s edition is limited in number and can be found in these places: *INSERT* and is only available in hardback. It is also signed which is really cool but you’d better hurry to get one if you want one because I doubt they’re going to be around for long.
The new cover editions can be found here in both paperback, hardback, and eBook: *LINKS* and are all available for pre-order. Alternatively, you could probably go to your local bookstore and pre-order through them, I’m sure they’ll be able to help!

Bookdepository Collectors edition: 

Bookdepository Regular edition:

Amazon (according to this you can only get the collectors edition and the kindle edition but that could be because of my country):


The Pale Dream

The Pale Dreamer is a novella about Paige and her time with Jax and the Seven Seals. It’s set before she becomes his mollisher, this is what the official press release said: *FIND AND INSERT*

It comes out as an eBook on the 6th of December on kindle and iBooks, it’s available for pre-order now and it’s only *insert price* in Australia at the moment which is really good.
There will only be one way to get this novella in a physical form and that is through buying the re-jacketed Bone Season.



On the Merits of Unnaturalness

This is the pamphlet that Jaxon Hall (under An Obscure Writer) had written and published, explaining the seven orders of clairvoyance and what each voyant does and how that voyants powers work. This pamphlet is mentioned quite a bit in the first two books (and I’m not saying anything about book three) and was the cause of a lot of fighting and rejection for a lot of the lower orders.

Unfortunately, this pamphlet is not available in a hard copy, unless someone is giving it away or Samantha/Bloomsbury is holding a giveaway as it had been a special pre-order deal with The Mime Order. It is available as an eBook through Kindle and iBook. I would HIGHLY recommend getting this, as it is extremely helpful to have with you while reading the book. I have it on my phone and it came in handy the other day when I had a mind blank. You can get it here:

That’s it! I hope this has made you more excited to read the book or encouraged you to go out and buy the book, which I recommend. It’s an incredible series, I promise. This series means the world to me so, I really hope you can get into it too and that this post has hyped you up for the release of The Pale Dreamer!

Happy reading!


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