City of Bones ~ Cassandra Claire

City of Bones was first published in 2007, written by Cassandra Claire, it is the first book in a six book series.

On her 18th birthday, Clarissa Fray gets thrown into a world where fairy tales and demons exist. While out with her best friend, Simon, she witnesses three teenagers kill someone, only for that person to disappear in front of her eyes. The next day, Clary, after discovering her mother has gone missing, teams up with the Shadowhunters (people who can see the downworlders [vampires, werewolves, and faeries] and demons.) A Shadowhunters job is to help to keep the world safe from demons, making sure they don’t cause trouble for Mundanes (humans who can’t see the shadow world). Along the way, Clary finds out more about her family, and this world she’s been shoved into unexpectedly, before coming face to face with a villain whose true identity will be a shock for all.

The story has magic, fighting, romance, and humor; everything you need in a book, really. It’s set in the real world, which I quite like in novels as it makes it easier to relate to someone who’s the same age as you and goes to a normal human school than someone who, say, is an assassin and works for a King possessed by a demon (10 points to your respected Hogwarts house if you get the reference).

Now, I’m pretty sure most people have read this book by now, but I will still have a spoiler warning before I go and post anything because I’m nice.

Going into this, I knew I was going to like it, because my best friend of just on 9 years had been trying to get me to read it for almost as long, so I knew a lot about it before reading it (yes, that includes big spoilers you don’t find out until book 3). I did like it, for the record, but I think knowing as much as I did sort of took something away from it. I feel like I would have been more sucked in and more shocked by the plot twist at the end had I not known before hand.

I liked Cassandra Claire’s world, and how she painted the city. It was the same place I’ve seen in movies and pictures but it was completely different once I learned more about the shadow world.
I thought Clary was interesting, but I’m not 100% sure I love her. I like her, quite a bit but I don’t love her as I have with other characters. I loved Isabelle (one of the Shadowhunters) and I loved Alec (her brother), I thought they were wonderful, and both of them are quite interesting. Of COURSE, I like Jace Wayland, he’s the sassiest character out of all of them and had some of my favourite lines. Also, he reminds me of my best friend a little bit. And Magnus Bane (High Warlock of Brooklyn) was my favourite, I just think he’s an amazing character and I love how he’s in every series this woman has written- thank goodness for that!
Now, Simon. I’m not going to lie; I don’t really like him. I know, unpopular opinion but I have a few of those (wait for my Raven Boys review, ya’ll gonna hate me). And I think a lot of it has to do with book two, but he bugs me for whatever reason. I’m sorry, I just cannot with his attitude sometimes, again, specifically in book two!

There will probably be spoilers from here on; proceed with caution!

Valentine is such a good bad guy. I hate him, this isn’t a Jaxon Hall situation, I have no love for this guy, but he is a good badie. So good in fact, I almost believed him when he dropped that big plot twist at the end. Which is stupid because I knew it wasn’t true! Like, how does a character make you believe something that you know is a lie in the first place? Good author, that’s how.

Anyway, this was just a quick review because I don’t have that many feelings over this book, the later ones I will probably have more to say and I DEFINITELY have a lot to say about Clockwork Angel but, as for City of Bones, I would give it 4/5 stars. It’s a gripping story with wonderful characters and good plot twists. It was good enough that I managed to read the first three and Clockwork Angel in 3 weeks. Please remeber I’ve been in a reading slump for 3+ years so, that’s impressive for me.

As promised, I always give you a quote from the book I’m reviewing that I really liked. One problem; I don’t remember the book as well as I wish I did and I didn’t really have a favourite line while I was reading; all the ones I can remember came from book 2 and 3. So, my quote from City of Bones is (curtsy of goodreads):

“Knowledge hurts”

I shall tweet to let you know what my next post shall be, maybe a review, may be a tag. I’ve had a lot of assignments so we’ll see what happens.


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