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The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

The Song Rising is the third book in the Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon, and will be available at all online and physical bookstores on the 7th of March, 2017. Yes, that is 161 days away as I post this.
What? Two posts from me in a week? I can’t control my feelings anymore, I’m not sorry.
As an advocate, I get the immense pleasure of getting to read the books as advanced copies, and I am so, so grateful to Bloomsbury for giving me this chance, it means the world to me and I am so thankful. I honestly still can’t quite believe it and it’s been over a month!

If you haven’t read the Mime Order, I would highly suggest not reading this. I’m not allowed to say anything, but I feel the need to write a review anyway. And yes, I am going to do a review for the Mime Order because that book was INCREDIBLE but you’re going to have to wait a little while longer for that, I’m afraid. I just really need to write about this book so, I’m doing it first.

There will probably be spoilers for book two now, please proceed with caution!


Paige is now the Underqueen of the London syndicate as you would know from Mime Order. You would also know she has Eliza and Nick as her mollisher’s, and that Dani also went with her (yes, I did double check that before I posted this, just to be safe). Before I say ANYTHING about how this book made me feel, let me tell you, you are in for one hell of a ride. If you’ve read the prologue (available here) then you will have seen the book starts out with a massive plot twist (unless you worked it out at the end of The Mime Order in which case, it’s just been confirmed) and yes, it is actually slightly shocking but to be honest, I remember working it out last year, I almost threw the book. To be honest, I wouldn’t put anything past Jaxon at this point. I still love him, I can’t help it.
Samantha introduces two new cities in this book. I don’t think I’d be allowed to say which ones but I don’t need to, all you need to know is they’re epic in their own way! I actually loved learning about what Scion is like in different parts of England, and whether their different or the same (which I can’t tell you). I love world-building; it’s one of the best things about fantasy books because the world is typically so different, and it’s great to get a feeling for the rest of their country. It was also cool to meet all the new characters in this book. There are new and old faces in this one, and the old faces we see, we learn a little more about which I loved. I love learning about characters and their back story. I think I might like that more than the world-building because you get to go into these character’s heads, and you get to find out more about what makes them tick and it’s wonderful. Samantha, once again, has done a fantastic job at writing these character’s, so we not only learn more about them but we feel for them. And boy, are you going to be feeling a lot by the end of this book.
Remember that time Samantha tweeted to say Paige f***ed things up a bit? (putting tweet here for reference).  Like I said, I can’t say anything but Paige, as Underqueen, has some very difficult decisions to make, and she may or may not make some mistakes. I can’t say but she makes these decisions, and she does what she has to no matter the outcome. As I’ve said before, Paige will always do what she has to in order to protect those she cares about, and that’s always been something I’ve loved about the character and I loved that we get to see more of that headstrong Paige in this book. It’s something I admire in a character, their ability to do what they want and not let others influence them too much, and doing what they feel is right. It’s something I picked up from Paige while reading book one!
Now, somewhere in the book, you get a very interesting piece of information and when I first read it, I screamed. If you follow me on snapchat or Instagram, then you would have seen my reaction but oh. My. Goodness. You won’t expect it, at all. I’m not sure how important this piece of information is going to be later, but seeing how well Samantha executed it, I’m sure it’s going to become VERY important. And yes, you will probably work it out once you read it but if you don’t, you can ask me on the 7th of March! It was probably one of my favourite parts of the book if I’m being 100% honest, and you’ll see why once you’ve read it. It’s so well written, and all I can say is that whole chapter is perfection in the form of ink and paper.
Then there’s the plot twist and OH MY GOSH is it a good one! Now, if any of you have read a good plot twist, you’ll sit there and go ‘oh, of course! How could I have missed the clues!?” because normally there are clues,  but this one, you will NEVER SEE COMING! There were no hints (unless I missed them) and you just have to stop for a second and take in what you’ve read. I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn’t just reading it wrong due to shock like; I cannot even begin to describe the the feelings I had over that twist. I think the best bit about it was the fact that there were no hints. There is nothing in book one or two that gives you any sort of inkling as to what I’m on about! I’m sure that has you confused, and that’s good. Because it’s shocking, but it’s bloody brilliant.
The last line in this book is wonderful, and I read it like, three or four times just so I could get the full effect of how wonderful it is over, and over, and over again. It was just… it wrapped up this book perfectly. And the dedication. I have always loved Samantha’s dedications because they’re always so meaningful and this one was just wonderful!

This book made me laugh, it made me cry (on the bus, I might add. Thank heavens I was wearing sunnies so the stranger next to me didn’t notice), it had me on the edge of my seat more than once, and it made me happy. I just know that this series is only going to get better as it goes along and it’s already amazing so, I’m really excited. I honestly cannot wait to see what book four holds!
I would give this book 5/5 stars. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I am so thankful to have been allowed to read this book early, and I hope you are all intrigued!

I always give quotes, and I can’t for the book but I can from the prelude because you’ve all read that by now!

“…If we must pull off your wings to stop you casting yourself into the fire, so be it.’ “

Go pre-order now so you don’t miss out! It’s going to be so wonderful to get to talk about it with you all! I especially can’t wait to see what you think about the plot twists!



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