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Time to steal what’s ours: The Mime Order spoiler free book review!

The Mime Order is the second book in The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon, published by Bloomsbury in 2015. This is a spoiler free review, but some quotes might be a little spoiler-y. You have been warned!

I read this book when it first came out and it was the first book series since Harry Potter that I had pre-ordered and I was so excited that there was a book series for me to look forward to again! I’m so glad I found this series because now I have more books to wait on, I get a fantastic story to read and I think I’ve made some new friends because of this book. When I first pick it up I never would have thought it would become to be such a large part of my life!

img_5006Paige’s London: The White Binders territory.

This book picks up right where The Bone Season ended, which is something I like in a book, cliff hangers suck but not so much when you get your answers confirmed the minute you pick up the next book. As you can see from the prelude to The Song Rising, the next book does the same thing (Disclaimer: DO NOT READ THE PRELUDE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK TWO! CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING OF THE MIME ORDER).

Paige has returned to London with some of the Voyants from Sheol One, Warden went to find Nashira and Paige just quit her job with Jaxon. Paige is living by herself with Nick coming over once in a while to check on her and make sure she’s doing okay after everything she’s been through. Unfortunately, she quickly realises that she needs Jaxon in order to get anywhere in the Syndicate as he’s spread rumours that she’s left his service and now people won’t help her or give her special privileges like they use to when she was Jax’s protégée and she goes back to work with him. This is very important to the story, very important.

Haymarket Hector, previous Underlord of the London syndicate has been found dead, meaning a scrimmage will take place to declare a new Underlord or Underqueen. The scrimmage is a fight between different voyants who choose to take part with the last person (or Mime Lord and Mollisher pair) standing becoming the new Underlord or Underqueen. Jaxon, of course, wants to take part, why wouldn’t he? There are a few independent candidates for the scrimmage, including one person who turns out to be very important. The scrimmage is such an amazing part of the book and there’s two bits during those chapters that give me chills! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, I needed to know who won!

I won’t talk about spoilers, I want you all to read and enjoy this book like I did. It’s wonderful. It’s my favourite of the two currently published books and I love the murder mystery aspect to it. There was a great Paige and Warden scene in there that you are all going to love and from that part of the book, two of my favourite quotes were born; one of them being: “with Warden, it was like having two heartbeats rather than half of one”. I think that’s one of the most beautiful descriptions of romantic feelings for another person I have ever read. The other quote will be below in my favourite quote part!

I would give this book 5/5 stars easily. There was just enough of everything in this book for me, we got lots of Nick (thank you, Samantha!) and we got lots of interesting information, and a plot twist that’s going to drive you crazy (unless you read the prelude. Go, children, read and be merry).

If you don’t really like reading or you don’t have time, then I would 100% recommend the audiobook! It’s read by Alana Kerr who makes a fantastic Paige! The Bone Season series is the only book series I can stand to listen to the audiobook for, and if you sign up for audibles 30 day free trial you get a free audio book! (I’m not sponsored by audible, by the way. Just thought it’d be good to mention!)

I had a few favourite quotes in this book. One of them is in all of my social media in the bio section which is: “Madness is a matter of perspective, little dreamer.” Another quote I really love from this book is “Words give wings even to those who have been stamped upon, broken beyond all hope of repair.”
And finally, the last quote I’ll give you is: “With the right reasons, at the right moment, even the most beaten and broken of people could rise up and reclaim themselves.”
There were so many great quotes in this book and I just need you all to read it!

Have you read this book? If so, let me know in the comments what you thought and if the plot twist at the end shocked you!


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