Read-a-long and Swag: Join the Revolution

Hello, everyone! Another post from me which makes three in a week! Well, isn’t that strange!

I’m here to tell you about something very awesome that’s happening (and I’m a little late to the party but I’m doing it) and you all need to know about it! While you probably already know all about what’s happening in the Bone Season world, I’m here to give you a friendly reminder!


The Bone Season is having a little read along over on Goodreads. We’ve almost finished The Bone Season and we’re moving on to The Mime Order just in time for The Song Rising! If you’d like to join in the conversations, we have a pro and a newbie section for you guys to join! The pros group will have spoilers, so read carefully! Just click on the photo above to be taken to Goodreads!

Now for some even more exciting news, we have swag!


If you pre-order The Song Rising and you’re in Aus/NZ, all you have to do is upload proof of pre-order and you will receive these stunning badges! How good are they? I personally love the Join the Revolution and I Love Warden badges!
If you live outside Aus/NZ then you’ll get the badges and these amazing tattoos!
and-tatsUnfortunately, due to restrictions, these cannot be sent out to every country. To find out if they will ship to you and to see all the terms and conditions, just click on this link (The Bone Season) and upload proof! But I can answer some quick answers for you:

What counts as proof?
A screenshot, photo or scan of your receipt uploaded to the above link is all you need. You should have received confirmation when you first pre-ordered. If you did it in store and didn’t get a receipt, I’m sure if you go back in they’d be more than happy to print you one!

But I ordered the e-book!
Don’t even stress! This pre-order is for all versions of the book; e-book and collectors edition are included.

I haven’t pre-ordered the book yet! When does this end?
As long as you can show us proof of pre-order before the 7th of March, you will receive swag!

When do I get my swag so I can show my Revolution pride?
The badges and tattoos start shipping after the 13th of February through to March. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact date!


7 thoughts on “Read-a-long and Swag: Join the Revolution”

      1. They weren’t available when I pre-ordered the book and now even knowing about them, I’d just rather have the book. I’m not that fussed about the badges and stuff. I’ve got nowhere for them and I know I’ll end up losing them if I have them.


      2. You can still do it, could have preordered last year and it’ll count 🙂 but that’s totally understandable. I was like that with the tattoos, I’d never use them and then I’d loose then


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