Updates: Book release and… I’m doing what?!

Hello, O’ my lovelies! It is me, Rhiannon. I’m here to give you a few updates! I should warn you, most of this post has NOTHING to do with books, and this is a book blog but it’s okay. Nobody panic, I have a review in the works!

My first update is:


You may have seen my review for The Song Rising but I am so excited that you can all read this book now. I’m in love with this story, which Samantha has described as a heist genre novel (I know, sounds amazing, huh?)
Here are my two pretties! I had to get the Collectors Edition because it was a signed hardback to go with my other hardbacks and then I found out I was an advocate and I was getting a signed copy anyway! I’m still going to collect both sets of books so I can have two matching sets and I am so happy. Both covers are stunning!

This bad boy (below) is available at all bookstores, online and physical in hardback or paperback if you live in AUS/NZ!

And this stunning creature still has some copies left on Bloomsbury AU and Books-a-million (I think they still have some, as I’m writing this they do!)

Go grab your copies, loves! You won’t regret it!

Where have I been?
Well, school has started back up! I should be doing a lecture now, actually. I’ve already handed in two assignments and I have two to start tomorrow! I’ve also been sick so I haven’t been doing anything, really, at all. I’ve hardly read (which is funny because I’m an English major) but I really need to kick my butt into gear or I won’t even get close to my goal! Once I settle into a schedule with school work I should be able to get back on track.
I bought tickets to go see My Fair Lady in Melbourne when I go up to see Sierra Boggess in June. I’m so excited because I’ve never seen a big scale show like this before, only the ‘big’ ones we put on in my state which is very tiny in comparison!
I’ve also, excitedly so, started singing again! I have singing lessons every two weeks and it’s amazing! I saw Wicked at the end of January and I just knew I had to start again. I’ve already auditioned for shows! I didn’t get in, but it was my best audition to date and I am so happy I did it! I think the thing that spurred me to do it was when I stood on stage at Wicked. I got to go see the show as a VIP member (21st birthday gift) and I got to meet the cast! Elphaba blew me away, she was so kind and a fantastic singer and actor.
Anyway, side tracked. When I got to stand on the stage, and they put the lights up so we could see what it was like, I felt at home. I know, sounds weird and maybe I am crazy, but being on stage feels as right to me as holding a book and reading. I went home that night thinking to myself “everyone deserves the chance to fly” and then 4 days later I emailed a singing teacher and had a lesson booked for that weekend. She’s a wonderful woman and so kind to me. She keeps telling me I have a beautiful voice and that I have a great sound for musical theatre!! I’m so proud of myself, and so happy that I’ve taken the leap to get back into something I love so much.

That’s me in the black dress next to Elphie and my sister in the pink-y coloured shirt. The girl standing next to Glinda is one of my really good friends, too!

Anyway, keep an eye out in the next few days for a review for one of my new favourite books!

Until next time,
Rhi xx


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