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Reading Update

Hello, friends!

I thought, seeing as I haven’t had a review up in a while because my reading has been super slack, I’d give you all a quick update on my reading progress and on school. This idea actually came from one of the ladies at my local bookstore, Jack. She suggested I do an update to keep you all posted!

Currently Reading:
I have a lot on my Goodreads shelf (add me here if you’d like) but I’m only reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

The Book Thief I have to read for school and I am enjoying it so much! I’m on page 216 and  I think it’s an amazing book and a very important story. I really love that it’s told through Death’s perspective, I think it gives it an interesting spin on the story because you’re not actually seeing it through the protagonist perspective so it gives you an outsider’s perspective and a perspective from someone who is, in a way, impassive to what’s happening around them (I use them because I’m pretty sure Death doesn’t have a gender). I can’t wait to finish it, I’m breezing straight through!

Strange the Dreamer is now out in the world and oh my God, isn’t Lazlo amazing? I haven’t finished it yet (I’m on page 300)so don’t tell me if he becomes an arse but right now I love him. He’s relatable (he broke his nose because a book fell on him. Bless). I also truly love Sarai and Sparrow. They’re beautiful and I bloody hate Minya! I get what her issue is but seriously, that child needs to calm down! And the writing! Oh wow. I had no idea Laini wrote like that! I don’t know why I haven’t picked up Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet! How am I living without having read her books before? She has such a way with words that you feel like you’re with the characters, smelling and tasting and touching everything they do. I already want to give it 5/5 stars!


I am happy to say school is going much better for me this year! I’ve had 3 quizzes (80-87% on all three) and my first creative writing piece ever got 60%! I’m the student that has straight 50% and when I get over that I jump for joy! I do wish I was kidding but I’m not. This is who I am as a person.

I promise I have a review in the works but I’ve re-written it a few times and I still cannot get it right! Something about it just seems very wrong but my one year is coming up. I’ll be celebrating it the day before because the actual day is ANZAC day, which is the day we remember all those who died during all the big wars and celebrate our armed forces. Well done, Rhiannon. Truly an idiot.

Until next time, Rhiannon xx


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