One year?!

Hello, my bookish friend and welcome to my little celebration!

It is now midnight, making it the 25th of April and today marks one year since I started this blog! What!? A year already? How has that even happened, it’s gone so fast!
Firstly, I would like to thank the 85 followers I have here. You’re lovely, thank you for liking and commenting on my posts and for keeping me here! Honestly, if I didn’t have anyone reading my posts I probably wouldn’t still be here.
I would also like to thank the 586 followers on my Instagram page! I have enjoyed my one year there so much, I can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support for my photos and my rings (I get a lot of comments on those for whatever reason). I have made so many friends through bookstagram, and they’re some of the most amazing and special people in my life.

This is just a short, sweet post to say thank you to everyone who has stuck by me for the last year, for being so supportive and welcoming. It’s truly an honour to know you all.

Love, Rhi xx

P.S. that cupcake was amazing and I ate two in an hour and I’m not sorry


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