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They Say if You Dream a Thing More Than Once, it’s Sure to Come True ~ My Dream Crate

Hey, everyone! Slightly different but very exciting post for you today.

I recently heard about the Dream Crates that Loot Crate were doing and I thought it sounded amazing so I decided to make my own Dream Crate! If you’re a fan of, well, anything then you’ve probably heard of these guys, but If you haven’t they do awesome monthly subscription boxes fully of goodies for geeks, gamers, and so many different fandoms!
I had a good, hard think about what I would like in my crate, and I came to the slightly obvious conclusion I’d like something Harry Potter, Disney, and Lord of the Rings themed, so I decided my theme would be fantasy. I know it’s not exactly original but there’s so much that goes under the name that you’re bound to find something you like!
If you would like to check them out you can go here!  And while you’re over there, you should check out their gift page! You can buy one box or a subscription for your friends or family for their birthday or Christmas, making you the coolest friend in the world! To find the gift page, simply click here!
If you’d like to buy anything I’ve shown you below, you can click on the photo and it’ll take you there! It will open on this page, I have no idea how to make it not do that.

Firstly, I’d like something Harry Potter that represented my house. A shirt, mug, scarf, tie. Just something that said Ravenclaw so I could show my house pride! Obviously, you’d get to pick what house you’re in so you can get your own house swag! This one is from the Harry Potter studio tours in London.

I also think a Disney bookmark! Pictured are bookmarks from the wonderful Read and Wonder store on etsy! The Ariel one is my favourite (duh). I’ve bought  my fair share of Read and Wonder bookmarks so I can tell you, they’re amazing.

For the Lord of the Rings element of the box, I think some jewellery would be super cool. Personally, I’d really like Arwen’s necklace. It’s so beautiful, and even before I’d seen Lord of the Rings I knew what I was from, it’s kind of iconic! Not to mention it’s stunning. This one is from FluffyArtStore on etsy.

I also think some prints would be awesome! One for each of the fandoms, below I have found three prints that I personally really like.
This one is from Redbubble and it’s by KinkoWrite:
For Harry Potter, this one comes from Redbubble too. This one is by Fenja Van Em:
And finally, for Disney, we have this one from Redbubble too and it’s by InspiredShadows:

And finally, a mug. Now, the mug wouldn’t be based on a fandom but rather a quote about reading, so we have this one by BookworkBoutique on Society6

And this one, also by BookwormBoutique!

That’s all guys! Thank you again to Loot Crate for reaching out to me for this post, I was so over the moon! And don’t forget to check out their store! I promise you, they’ll have something you like!

Until next time, let me know what item I’ve shown that you would really like out of a Loot Crate!

Rhi xx


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