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Author Interview ~ Girl in Between by Anna Daniels

Hey, everyone!

A little while ago Allen and Unwin reached out and asked if I would like to be part of a book tour for Anna Daniels debut novel Girl in Between! This was part of a blog tour to help celebrate the release of the book on April 26th. Unfortunately, due to some mishaps, I wasn’t able to post on my day, but if you click on any of the lovely people in the photo below you’ll see other wonderful posts, interviews and guest posts! Go check out Elana’s post that will be up today over on her blog!

What’s the book about?

Life can be tricky when you’re a girl in between relationships, careers and cities… and sometimes you have to face some uncomfortable truths. The sparkling debut from comic TV and radio presenter, Anna Daniels.

Lucy Crighton has just moved in with some gregarious housemates called Brian and Denise… who are her parents. She’s also the proud mother of Glenda, her beloved 10-year-old… kelpie. And she has absolutely no interest in the dashing son of her parents’ new next-door neighbour… well, maybe just a little.

When you’re the girl in between relationships, careers and cities, you sometimes have to face some uncomfortable truths… like your Mum’s obsession with Cher, your father’s unsolicited advice, and the fact there’s probably more cash on the floor of your parents’ car than in your own bank account.

Thank goodness Lucy’s crazy but wonderful best friend, Rosie, is around to cushion reality, with wild nights at the local Whipcrack hotel, escapades in Japanese mud baths, and double dating under the Christmas lights in London.

But will Lucy work out what she really wants to do in life and who she wants to share it with?

Anna Daniels is a natural-born comedian. She originally set out to write a screenplay that was part Muriel’s Wedding, part The Castle. Instead, she wrote Girl In Between, which was shortlisted for the 2016 Vogel’s Award. She says ‘I’ve always loved comedy which not only makes you laugh but also pulls at your heartstrings. I think a lot of people may be able to relate to Lucy’s story!’

Girl in Between is a warm, upbeat and often hilarious story about life at the crossroads. Featuring an endearing and irrepressible cast of characters, it will have you chuckling from start to finish.

Who’s the Author?

Anna Daniels has enjoyed great success as a comedic storyteller since kicking off her career by winning the ABC’s ‘Comedy Segment of the Year Award’ for an interview with Russell Crowe. She then went on to co-create the ABC’s first online sketch comedy series ‘TAnna Danielsough at the Top’ with Melbourne comedian, Anne Edmonds. For several years Anna wrote and presented funny upbeat stories for The Project, winning over viewers with her warm, silly, endearing style.

Having grown up in Rockhampton, she particularly championed the stories and characters of rural and regional Australia with affection and humour. As well as The Project, Anna has written, presented and/or produced radio, TV and online content for Queensland Weekender, Red Symons’ Breakfast Show, and the BBC One series, ‘John Bishop’s Australia’. Anna continues to report for The Project and often presents on ABC Radio Brisbane.

If you’d like to follow Anna on social media, you can do so on her twitter (@annadtweets), instagram (@annamdaniels) and her website

Allen and Unwin gave me the opportunity to interview Anna, which I shall post next but if you would like to buy a copy of the book, you can go to AmazoniBooks or Booktopia to purchase them. Now, on to the interview!

Hi Anna, how are you? Thank you so taking the time to answer my questions!

No worries! Thanks for your interest in my debut rom-com!  

Your book sounds really light-hearted and fun, how did you come up with the idea?

I was in my early thirties, and kept hearing the same concerns and hopes and quandaries echoed throughout my circle of friends, and it made me realise that being in your 30’s is quite a different kettle of fish to being in your 20’s! I wanted to capture that sense of what it’s like to be in a decade that comes with more of an expectation that you’ll have life sorted!

What inspired you to write this novel?

I’ve always been a fan of comedy that not only makes you laugh, but also pulls at your heartstrings, and so Girl In Between was inspired by my love of that type of writing…like Muriel’s Wedding, Gavin and Stacey, Four Weddings and a Funeral. I wanted to write about these two best friends, Lucy and Rosie, in a way which had you chuckling, but also had you barracking for them.

What is your favourite book?

I’ve recently discovered Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido, and it is my new favourite book. The dialogue just zings, and the characters are so memorable and likeable.

I’ve seen you on TV with The Project before. What made you want to go into comedy?

I grew up as one of 5 kids in a big, crazy, loving family, and we were always making each other laugh! From a young age, I’ve always had a heightened sense of the ridiculous, and one of my favourite past-times is cracking people up! I was also cracking myself up when I wrote some of the dialogue in Girl in Between! I think I was destined to be a comedic storyteller!

I also believe you did radio before going to The Project, what was that like?

Radio was great fun! There is an immediacy to radio that gives you that instant connection with an audience that you really can’t find elsewhere. Sometimes, when you’re so engrossed in a radio interview, it just feels like you’re having a D&M with your bestie! One of the great highlights for me was producing Red Symons Brekky Show on ABC Melbourne. I continue to present on a freelance basis for ABC Brisbane. 

Have you always wanted to be an author or was there something else you wanted to be when you grew up?

I’ve always wanted to be an author! When I was little, I devoured all of the Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books, and my all time favourite heroine was Anne of Green Gables, who also dreamed of being a writer! 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Lucy Maud Montgomery, who wrote the Anne of Green Gables series, is a big inspiration to me! She didn’t become a published author until she was in her thirties and she has written a wonderful book called ‘The Alpine Path,’ which traces her career, and gives great encouragement and motivation to writers to keep going! 

Your main character has a kelpie; do you have any dogs?

Well, ha ha, I admit that I have a kelpie too! Her name is Banjo (yes, Banjo the girl!) and I adore her! We are great friends. 

The blurb for your novel mentions London and Japan. Have you ever traveled there, or are those places you’re hoping to visit in the future?

I’ve been to both London and Japan and they are both places that I love! I think Japan is such a fabulous, unique place on earth to visit. I had a great time there with one of my best friends, Camille. And London holds a very special place in my heart. Like many Aussies, I did my two years working in London in my mid-twenties and I look back on that time as being one of the best decisions I’d made. London is a city that just resonates with me, despite the weather! 

Do you want to write any more books in the future?

I would like to, and I know my publisher, Louise Thurtell at Allen & Unwin, would be keen to hear me say this too! For now, my head and heart is still very much in Girl In Between. I’d love to see it adapted for the small screen and be involved in that process. It would be fabulous to see Lucy and her crazy best friend Rosie running around Rocky and London in our lounge rooms!

Thank you so much for your time, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you! It has been a pleasure and I hope your readers enjoy Girl In Between x  

9781760295301 (1)

And that’s it from me today, guys! If you’d like to check out the other amazing posts you can click on the names in the photo at the end of this post! Now that school is over for me I’ll be able to read and give you guys a review on this book soon! Have you read it? Let me know what you thought!

A huge thank you to Anna for taking time out of her day to answer my questions, I’m so greatful. And finally a huge shout out to Allen and Unwin for asking me to be apart of this tour, means a lot to me that they would reach out and I had a blast writing this!

Until next time, 


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