I’m Rhiannon and I’m a bookworm  dragon who lives in Tasmania, Australia.
I love musicals and high fantasy (both adult and YA) and mostly love anything that’s YA (except contemporary but I am trying, I promise!)

I’m 22 years old, I blog, sing, read and take photos of books. I review the books I have been reading, and I post reviews whenever I can. I would like to have a set schedule but I can’t even feed myself some days, I am that unorganised. Forgive me.

Something about my blog I would like you to know; I don’t want to write as formally as I see some people write their reviews. I want to keep it fun and personal, so you know exactly how I feel and why. Not that I think there is anything wrong with being serious and formal in a review, and I do enjoy reading those too, I just find it more comfortable to write the way I think and talk, which can often be a blubbering mess! So if I say things along the lines of “I CRIED SO HARD,” please just accept me and my weirdness!

Please feel free to leave comments and recommendations for books! I started this blog to make friends and chat about books so please, follow me on social media and leave comments on my posts, I’d love to talk to you!